Eye Treatments

We offer a range of eye treatments that will enhance the eye area, from tinting to brow lamination for the super groomed look. Eyelash lifting for a natural but effective eyelash enhancement to eyelash extensions for that wow factor. If you have any questions about the treatments or would like advice on how to get the look you want, please contact us.

 Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions are designed to add volume, length, thickness and glamour, without adding weight. 


A synthetic lash is applied to each of your own lashes, each set is customised to you, for the look you want to achieve whether you want to enhance while staying natural or go for wow factor with a dramatic look. 


Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occassions as you don't need mascara, that means no mascara running down your face at a wedding or melting when you're sat in the sun.

With maintenance, extensions can last 4-6 weeks depending on your eyelash growth cycle, to ensure your lashes always look their best infills should be done every 2-3 weeks.


Lash extensions should not damage your own lashes if they are removed correctly, lashes will fall out as part of the natural growth cycle or we can remove them for you safely. Damage only occurs with mistreatment. 


You have the choice of a full set, which is every one of your own lashes having an extension; or a half set, an extension being placed on every other natural lash or lashes being applied to the outer half of the lashes. Half sets can be ideal for people that either haven't had extensions before and would like to trial them or when a more natural look is wanted.


When booking please inform us of any eye conditions or health concerns you may have as this may mean the treatment is not suitable for you.


If you are going on holiday or going swimming it is best to have the extensions at least 2 days before to allow the glue to fully set. If you have very fair eyelashes it is recommended that you have an eyelash tint 48hrs before having extensions.

Eyelash Extensions

Lashbase extensions are tailored to you, using classic lashesto create a natural look or a glamourous celebrity look. 


Full Set (2hr)-                                                                            £68.50

A full set is a synthetic lash applied to each natural lash. Various lengths and curvatures available to achieve the required look from natural to glamour lashes. This includes a cleansing kit to use at home.


Half Set (1hr)-                                                                           £47.00

A half set is a synthetic lash applied to every other natural lash for a more natural subtle look. A great way for if you are new to extensions to trial them. 


Infills 2 weeks (45mins)                                                           £32.00

Infills replace extensions that have fallen out or that have grown up the natural lash. Infills should be done every 2 weeks, if you are over this time you may need a half set or a removal and new full set. Infills available for returning clients only.


Lash Extension Removal-                                                         £13.00

Lash extension removal is the gentle and safe way to remove extensions without damaging the natural lash.
Removal is free with the application of a new, full priced set.


*A skin test is required at least 24 hours prior to first extension treatment, treatment WILL NOT go ahead without one.

before and after lash fx eyelash extesions Before and after Lash FX. A before and after album is available on our Facebook page.

Lash Lift by Lash Bomb


Lash lift by Lash Bomb is an innovative method to give the illusion of fuller and longer looking lashes, without the need to apply false lashes. The effect is created by lifting your own lashes from the root.

An eyelash tint completes the effect.


Lash bomb products are made in the UK and contain ingredients that help to repair damage. Strengthening and conditioning the lashes.


* A skin test is required 24hrs before treatment.




Lash Lift (60mins)         £46.00

Eyebrow Lamination


Perfectly groomed eyebrows can create a lift and frame the face, the right shape for you is more important than fashion!


This treatment can transform even the worst natural eyebrows into a perfect shape so enhancing the facial features. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry, the hairs are relaxed and can be realigned to the desired shape before being set.  It can be used to create volume and fullness, or just to create a sleek well-kept brow, effects can last up to two months. An eyebrow tint and shaping are included for the perfect look.


                                                                                         *A skin test is required 24hrs before treatment.


                                                                                          Brow Lamination (60 mins)        £46.00


Henna Brows


A long lasting pigment that colours the skin as well as the hairs, to add depth and definition. This is a good temporary alternative to tattooing and can help to improve the symmetry of the eyebrows. The pigment remains on the skin for 7-14 days and the hairs up to 6 weeks a longer effect than traditional tinting.

The treatment includes shaping of the brows to complete the perfectly groomed look


* A skin test is required 24hrs before treatment.


Henna Brows (60 mins)       £46.00

Eye Treatments

Eye treatments can dramatically change the way your face looks.


Eyelash Tint*                                                                         £18.50

Tinting the eyelashes gives colour from root to tip giving you longer and fuller looking lashes. The colour can last up to six weeks so you don’t need to wear mascara everyday unless you require a more dramatic look. Perfect when swimming. There are three colours to choose from depending on natural hair colour and effect required.


Eyebrow Tint*                                                                       £14.00

Tinting of the eyebrows adds a natural colour to define the brows and help fill in small gaps. Eyebrows can be toned in with your hair colour to give a natural look and remove the need for pencil.


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint*                                                 £28.00


Eyebrow Waxing or Shaping                                              £12.50

Eyebrow shaping and waxing gets rid of unwanted hair from between and below the brows either using wax or tweezers. Waxing and shaping will tidy and define the brows while opening up the eye area and appearing to lift the brow. 


Brow Tint and Shape*                                                         £22.50


Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint* and Shape                                    £35.50



*A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to tinting treatments.

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