Sarah Fisher- Massage Therapist

Sarah has worked at The Beauty Spot since 2005. She is passionate about her work and the different directions that it can take her in within the field of bodywork. She is constantly looking at different approaches towards treatments and as a result has been lucky enough to learn from some of the best teachers and providers of bodywork in the country. She also believes she learns daily from each and every one of her clients.

Sarah uses over 15 years experience and a variety of advanced clinical massage techniques such as Myofascial Realease, Trigger Point work, Soft Tissue Release or Muscle Energy Techniques combined with Dynamic Stretching to try and help combat the effects of different conditions of the musclo-skeletal system.


Sarah is happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatments she provides and to give advice about treatment plans.


Please be advised that due to Sarahs sort after skills she can be very busy at times. At peak times there could be a few weeks wait before an appointment is available so planning ahead is advised. 

Treatments Available

Treatment Duration Price
Back, neck and shoulders 45 minutes


  60 minutes £49.00
Rock Taping  from




Can massage help me? 

There are very few exceptions where massage wouldn't be beneficial or be advised. Each treatment begins with a consultation to recognise any medical conditions, establish the reasons for the massage or check on progress/effects from the previous sessions. If Sarah ever feels like she can't help you or would be unable to make a difference, she is always happy to refer clients to other professionals, that we are very lucky to have locally.


How many sessions will I need?
This depends largely on the reason for your visit. If you decide to use massage therapy to address specific musculo-skeletal condition/injury it would be recommended you have between 1-6 sessions preferably at weekly intervals. Usually after the first few sessions you will begin to notice a difference in your day to day function and movement. Alternatively if you are just wanting a regular ‘Time Out’ relaxation massage you could choose when to come in, as little or as often as you wanted to. Once every 4-6 weeks can help to maintain your muscle condition. Sarah will advise you on a treatment plan thats suited to you.


What should I wear for a massage?

You can wear anything you like to your appointment but we advise that you wear something comfy and not white as sometimes oil can stain clothes. You will be asked to remove only enough clothing for the treatment to be done for example if you are having a back massage you only need to remove your top half of clothing and maybe undo your waistband, although you may feel physically more comfortable if you take off jeans. We will wrap you up in a blanket to keep you covered and cosy. Always lets us know your comfort level with any aspect of the treatment as we can adjust where possible.


What should I do after a massage?

The best thing you can do after any massage treatment is rest. This will allow you to get the best results from your treatment. Its also recommended you drink plenty of water after as you may feel dehydrated and the water will help to flush out toxins that have been drained by the massage. Avoiding alcohol and eating a light meal is also suggested. 

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